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     Self-archiving in recognized archives is a way for researchers to optimize the distribution of their scientific productions, and therefore their impact. In this way, in 2001, the Center for Direct Scientific Communication (CCSD) set up a tool for direct scientific communication between researchers: HAL (HyperArticle on Line).

The HAL SHS repository interface of the HAL open archive is a digital library which receives and distributes the intellectual productions of research in the Social and Human Sciences, whose expected scientific level is that of a publication submitted to a reading committee.

You can file documents in full text, or notices with indexing and summary.

The Centre de Recherches en Histoire Internationale et Atlantique (Research Center for International and Atlantic History EA 1163 - Universities of Nantes and La Rochelle) is one of the major historical research centres in the West of France, certified by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research under a five-year contract (2017-2021).

Our laboratory brings together researchers in ancient history, medieval history, modern history, contemporary history, letters and languages on a common theme:


 " From the world to the Atlantic, from the Atlantic to the world : modalities, areas and actors of international exchanges from antiquity to the present day "


And three research fields:

      1: Movements of people, goods and knowledge : interconnections and reconfigurations

      2: International relations, war, diplomacy

      3: Thinking about the world, thinking about one's place in the world, from antiquity to the present day



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